What Comes From The Heart, Goes To The Heart“. This is one of my favorite quotes by Samuel Taylor Coleridge. In nine simple words it conveys how our best relationships will be touched through “heart connections” that is intangibly romantic and simultaneously rooted in a positive attitude about how we believe the relationship should be respected, understood, and governed. It signals there is something special and compassionate between the two involved, because it explicitly implies those in the relationship have agreed they are better off together and in the relationship, than they would be apart from it. They’ve made a heart to heart connection.

Many of us are searching for genuine connections with others. We may make physical, emotional, even sexual connection but the deep longing within us is for “Heart 2 Heart Connections”.
It amazes me how such a simple quote can send a simple message on how we should behave and act towards each other, to protect, nurture and grow our relationships.

H2HConnect will make lasting “heart connections” with every women it comes into contact with, by extending life-giving resources and purpose-filled tools, that will encourage, equip, and execute change in their lives. What comes from the heart, goes to the heart!