As I lay here in bed reminiscing, looking back over my life, I am reminded of all God has done in me, for me, and through me over these years. The many years I spent depressed and attempting suicide over 10x, but He never left me. He protected me and covered me with His love and healed my mind from the inside out. Then there was the lost of 3 sons. Getting pregnant back to back. First with twins…Joshua and Josiah, and then Jordan Anthony. I thought my life was over. The pain I felt was unbearable. The shame I carried was unimaginable. Living with the guilt of never being able to have children or giving my husband a child. But God! He honored my prayer and gave me a beautiful daughter named Genesis…the beginning, the first but not the last. God has blessed me with 2 more children…Zoe and Amazing Grace, despite the negative report of the enemy. Through the blow of divorce, the visit with thyroid cancer, the threat of losing my life and mind…God kept me. He never left me. He began to make and mold me into His image. He taught and engrafted His word and spirit inside of me. Gave me a heart of flesh and a desire to love. Removed the stain of guilt and shame from me. Gave me a mind to follow Him and a spirit to worship Him. Blessed me to open up my mouth and sing His praises and to teach/ preach His word to those who are hurting and lost. Allowed me to marry again, ventured off into a career as a counselor, all while serving God’s people. He gave his life for me. Took the punishment that I rightfully deserved. Shed his blood so I could live in complete healing and wholeness. Loves me with an endless love. The list can go on and on.

So on this Memorial Day think of your loved ones gone on,and the men and women who died protecting our country. But I admonish you to remember all Christ has done for you. Be excited that He’s not finished yet. He’s still alive and living on the inside of each of you if you believe in Him. God loves us and wants the best for us. Put Christ back into the equation of your life. You + Christ = Great Success!

Happy Memorial Day…love you all!