Where is it? Why do I keep missing it? It will never find me! It must not be meant for me…Love!

I struggled for years searching for love in All the wrong places and people. Longing to be wanted, to be loved, to be cared about by somebody, anybody for that matter. Finding myself doing things outside my godly character for the attention of others. Attempting to love people that really had no true intentions of loving me back. I had such high expectations for love that no person could ever meet them. So I gave up, thinking I would never get the kind of love I wanted. I came to the realization that love sucks! That was until I had a real love experience with God the father!

There was apart of me that only God Himself could fill.

There was a hole in my heart made just by Him, for Him. You and I were made to be connected to our Creator. We were made to know Him and to be plugged into His power and His love.

I discovered my heart was designed to contain God and that God wanted to live inside of me. But my heart was filled with other things, and there was no room for Him in my heart.

Your heart may be crowded too with things that were never designed to take first place there. When we don’t make room for God in our hearts we miss out on experiencing His “true love” for us and then that’s when things, even relationships in our lives begin falling apart.

So as you celebrate this Valentine’s day, or maybe like me you’re looking for love in all the wrong spots, take some serious time to de-clutter your life and clean out your heart. What things have a greater priority than God in your life? What do you think about the most? The answer to that reveals who or what has first place in your heart. He is a loving God and He wants to fill your heart today with His love!