Toni’s Second Book

#LIFE… Living Intentionally Fearless Every day

Toni Wynette Pharm is a Counselor, Speaker, Minister, and Teacher in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  She is the founder of Heart 2 Heart Connections a community organization geared towards making heart connections with everyday women in need of healing, education, and support in the urban community.   Her new book #LIFE will take the reader on a journey from fear to faith as you recognize negative thought patterns, face your fears, and begin to live intentionally fearless every day!

Toni is a graduate of Lakeland University, where she received a Master of Arts in Community Counseling.  Her greatest passion and purpose in life is to encourage, equip, and empower individuals everywhere, to live in their purpose, on purpose Fearlessly!   

Toni’s First Book

A Father’s Love: Unlocking the Unfailing Love of the Father

In A Father’s Love, author, speaker, therapist, Toni Pharm invites you to experience the love of God like never before.  Through the heartwarming memories of her journey to healing and wholeness, you too can undergo healing from past hurts, debilitating memories, and staggering life experiences that have kept you stuck for far too long.

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