As I close out the first month of 2019, I was reflecting on the vision God has placed in me and before me. This month jumpstarted with a bang and truthfully I have a ways to go.  I want to encourage you to do the same…reflect on what you have accomplished these first 31 days. If it appears that you have lost the wind in your sail, I admonish you to challenge yourselves and your vision a bit more. God created you to have 20/20 vision for your life, meaning a clear and concise vision.  Here are a few essential things to remember as you continue to walk out your vision for 2019:

  1. Vision is revealed to the person in position to listen.
    *In order to unlock your vision you must get alone with God and listen for His direction. Shut out everything and find a quiet place to listen.
  2. Vision must be written down.
    *After spending alone time and listening to God, now is time to write down in explicit details what He reveals as though it has already happened.
    Written vision gives you clear, correct direction, and the coordinates you need to follow in order to get to your desired destination.
    A written vision will inspire you and motivate you to push through even in challenging times.
  3. Vision must be made plain.
    *The vision should be written in plain and simple understanding.
    Clear and simple to understanding eliminates confusion that can hinder your progress.
    It will energize and ignite an excitement in everyone connected to it and you.
  4. Vision must be posted.
    *After reading this short blog, you must post your vision so you can see it, read it, and stay connected to it.
    It becomes your motivator to overcome life’s discouragements, distractions, and disappointments that will come against you and your vision.
  5. Vision overcomes obstacles.
    *Please don’t think because God gives you a clear, concise vision it’s going to be smoothing sailing, without in obstacles in the way.
    You will hit some unforeseeable rocky waves, and maybe even a storm or two, but vision from God gives you strength and courage to push through it with an aggressive, offensive attack that empowers you to overcome any obstacle in your way.
  6. Vision will manifest itself in God’s time.
    *Be patient. Stay patient. Let patience have its perfect work!
    Don’t rush your vision. Don’t attempt to manifest your own plans, or force the vision or plans into your own timetable. Everything God does, He does it right on time.
    Rushing can delay or detour your destiny…so just wait patiently on God to bring it to pass!
  7. Vision must be lived by faith.
    *The more you focus on your vision, the more your faith will grow.
    Take slow and steady steps on this vision journey. Activate your faith along the way and fearlessly move forward in following your promised path that leads to your success!

Your vision is worthwhile, your potential to achieve it is already within you, and it is limitless and untapped.Stretch yourself and go beyond your average limitations, and make your every dream com true!!!

From my heart to yours, Toni Wynette